Exclusive seminar by MARIAN NEWMAN open to all nail professionals

Marian Newman troubleshoots Nailympia London to inspire UK techs to compete

After many requests and much discussion, Marian Newman will be organising a competition seminar for all UK nail techs that wish to enter the Nailympia London (formerly known as The Nailympics London) international nail competition being held at Olympia Beauty in September 2014. 

This event will afford a registration fee of only £30 per person, which will be put towards the delegate’s registration fee for the Nailympia event.

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Nailympia London News

90 REM nail desks will be erected in celebration of the 10th anniversary to create the biggest arena seen in London.

Nailympia London News

1​50 COMPETITORS to sign up for Nailympia London will be given a  ​ 10 year anniversary​ commemorative gift on arrival when registeringNail

Thank you to all the Sponsors of the 2013 Nailympia London Event


LCN and Nailympia London make a powerful team! It’s important to encourage excellence and creativity in any field; while LCN strives to produce the most professional nail technicians supported by the very best products and training, Nailympia London provides them with the perfect platform to showcase their skills and achievements, once again showing that UK nail techs really are world-class. We thank Nailympia London for this opportunity to support the industry and we wish all the competitors well ,but above all, have fun!
Nic Coomber, MD, Beauty Concepts Int


Nailympia London is now the leading national and international venue for top nail artists and is therefore the ideal showcase for REM to promote its market-leading nail furniture. Not only that, but it gives REM an opportunity to put something back into the industry and we are all looking forward to another great contest this year.
Michael Roach, sales director, REM


I strongly believe that a good education is the basis for the development of this industry. Watching the great works of the masters, while also being observant to what beginners can achieve, is a source of inspiration for whoever wishes to take this industry seriously and follow a career path. I feel it is important to repeatedly stress the importance of education. Nailympia London is the lighthouse for all nail technicians. In the open sea of improvisation, they should keep following that light and harbour in the secure waters of professionalism.
Rosy Guarini, Senior education manager & founder of the Rome Nail Academy


ibd is a full-service nail brand with experience in abundance, so sponsoring Nailympia London competition is a perfect fit. In particular, ibd sets the standard for salon innovation and excellence in professional, top-quality gel systems and education. Our ibd ‘geeks’ aim to pass on techniques to ensure its nail systems are understood and enjoyed.

ibd is set to launch even more Just Gel polish colours at Olympia Beauty this year, to offer even more choice. So just make the change.
Laura Hughes, Grafton Int, education manager

Harmony-logo small

Here at Nail Harmony, we are absolutely delighted to be a sponsor of Nailympia London 2013. We are thrilled to be sponsoring one of the nail industry’s most creative and hotly contested competitions, as we truly believe in the competition ethos, and the opportunity it presents to nail techs internationally. In 2012 our brand ambassador and educator Jazz Smedley became the youngest ever competitor to take part in Nailympia. The opportunity it presents to Jazz, and her fellow techs, is first class – and we are thrilled to be involved.
Georgie Smedley, director, Hand & Nail Harmony UK

essie-logo-red small

Nailympia London has just gone from strength to strength! It boasts an unrivalled opportunity for brands and individuals to showcase their potential in a competitive yet fun environment. Not only is it an exciting and inspiring event for everyone involved; but as a distributor, it offers the chance for us to fully embrace the continual changes in our industry and immerse ourselves in the products we all love.
Jamie Crook, director, Louella Belle

MorganTaylor logo 200

As a provider of training courses to those starting out in the industry or enhancing their skills, we always endeavour to support competitions and opportunities, which celebrate professional development. It’s so important for us to get involved and see fresh talent first hand, and it’s a real thrill to witness such a hive of activity and expertise coming together!
Sam Watkinson, director of education, Louella Belle

KOKOlogo 200

KOKO Nail lacquers was launched in the UAE market at the Beauty World Middle East exhibition in 2012. This French brand has since evolved in the Gulf region to become the first and only ‘gel look’ polish in the world.

Since its launch KOKO Nail has reached the shelves of more than 100 salons in the UAE and has expanded its distribution across the Gulf. With the hope of going global and to be the best professional nailcare in the market, this year KOKO Nail is sponsoring Nailympia London to support one of the best events the industry has to offer, while being on hand at Olympia Beauty, the platform that is awake to upcoming trends. Later this year KOKO Nail will reach the shelves of Europe as a part of its global initiatives.
Fathima Fazeen, marketing manager, B Connected International

Magis-logo 200

Magis is thrilled to be part of the sponsorship team for ‘Nailympia London 2013’. This event is the most exciting, challenging and creative international nail competition. It showcases innovation, skill, artistry and flair. The competitors demonstrate pride, passion and dedication with a unified goal, to champion and showcase the skills and professionalism of working within the nail/beauty industry.

Magis products have been developed and refined by nail techs for nail techs. Magis is an international brand, which prides itself on delivering quality, professional, products, which are competitively priced and enhance the customer service experience. Its wraps add value by saving time, saving on product and allowing techs to provide an enhanced, professional soak-off service.
Avril Palmer-Fye, MD, Magis Supplies Ltd

Gellux-logo 200

PROFILE GELLUX is thrilled to be able to sponsor this prestigious event, which recognises and rewards skill, expertise, creativity and emerging new talent. Nailympia London is a benchmark for excellence within our industry and Gellux is proud to be a part of this exciting global competition.
Kathy Holroyd, marketing manager – Salon System


Nailympia London 2013 means another year for the UK to welcome and host some of the industry’s finest technicians and to provide a real showcase of talent. We at Nubar are once again delighted to show our support for all competitors taking part in this fantastic and inspirational spectacle of what our industry is all about. Year on year the competition gets tougher and the dedication, passion and commitment shown by competitors at all levels continues to shine through. Everyone at Nubar would like to wish all competitors the best of luck!
Alison Reeve, sales & marketing manager, Palms Extra


Scratch magazine continues to champion Nailympia London as the premier international nail competition open to all nail professionals of all skill levels for the UK and Europe. Now in its 9th year, this competition platform serves the global nail world by presenting a stage that reflects the changing times – the evolving landscape of nails. Bringing together an elite panel of expert judges, this eclectic and professional blend of masters means the best – the crème de la crème of nail individuals - are working in association with its organiser to keep it the premier nail competition in the region.
Alex Fox, editor


Nailympia London Judges 2018

  • Nailympia Lond 2018 Social Anneke
  • Nailympia Lond 2018 Social Elaine
  • Nailympia Lond 2018 Social Kelly
  • Nailympia Lond 2018 Social Aliz
  • Nailympia Lond 2018 Social Taylor
  • Nailympia Lond 2018 Social Jai
  • Nailympia Lond 2018 Social Fiona
  • Nailympia Lond 2018 Social Marian
  • Nailympia Lond 2018 Social Gemma
  • Nailympia Lond 2018 Social Alisha
  • Nailympia Lond 2018 Social Antony
  • Nailympia Lond 2018 Social Reni
  • Nailympia Lond 2018 Social Najet
  • Nailympia Lond 2018 Social Jacqueline
  • Nailympia Lond 2018 Social Liesbeth
  • Nailympia Lond 2018 Social Hazel
  • Nailympia Lond 2018 Social Georgie
  • Nailympia Lond 2018 Social Dannii
  • Nailympia Lond 2018 Social Gergana
  • Nailympia Lond 2018 Social Rebecca
  • Nailympia Lond 2018 Social Morgan
  • Nailympia Lond 2018 Social Kirsten
  • Nailympia Lond 2018 Social Gabriella
  • Nailympia Lond 2018 Social Jeanette

Nailympia USA Judges 2018

  • Nailympia USA 2018 Social Lorena
  • Nailympia USA 2018 Social Morgan
  • Nailympia USA 2018 Social Tracey Lee
  • Nailympia USA 2018 Social Frederic
  • Nailympia USA 2018 Social Lisa
  • Nailympia USA 2018 Social Alisha
  • Nailympia USA 2018 Social Vitaly
  • Nailympia USA 2018 Social Tony
  • Nailympia USA 2018 Social Gina
  • Nailympia USA 2018 Social Shelena 300
  • Nailympia USA 2018 Social Tracylee
  • Nailympia USA 2018 Social Athena
  • Nailympia USA 2018 Social Samantha
  • Nailympia USA 2018 Social Traci
  • Nailympia USA 2018 Social Tan
  • Nailympia USA 2018 Social Anna
  • Nailympia USA 2018 Social Taylor
  • Nailympia USA 2018 Social Emese
  • Nailympia USA 2018 Social Ami

Nailympia Estonia Judges 2018

  • Nailympia Estonia 2018 Social Marian
  • Nailympia Estonia 2018 Social Elena
  • Nailympia Estonia 2018 Social Viktoria
  • Nailympia Estonia 2018 Social Morgan
  • Nailympia Estonia 2018 Social Elaine
  • Nailympia Estonia 2018 Social Galina
  • Nailympia Estonia 2018 Social Olga
  • Nailympia Estonia 2018 Social Inna
  • Nailympia Estonia 2018 Social Taylor
  • Nailympia Estonia 2018 Social Iryna
  • Nailympia Estonia 2018 Social Karin