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Welcome to Nailympia

Nailympia is now considered one of the leading and most prestigious professional nail competitions in the world today.

Nailympia prides itself on being a non-biased forum where products and brands have no bearing on the placing of a competitor.

This competition is all about skill and creativity. All skill levels are catered for – the judging system, which has evolved over time, holds true to its original concept of all competitions are judged blind – the judge has no idea who’s work they are assessing and all divisions are judged together in the same manner. The judges have no idea which division or competitor they are assessing. This keeps the system fair and even. It also means a Division 1 competitor can win with a higher score than seen in the above divisions – again showcasing that the skills and creativity are assessed on their own merit.

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What is Nailympia & where was it born?

Nailympia was born from The Nail Olympics USA, a competition set up in 2001 in Las Vegas. Set up by three organisations (IBD run by Lee Tomlinson, Dianne D’Agnolo & James Johnson of Too Much Fun and David Daniel & Danny Haile of EZ Flow), the concept behind this new competition was simple – to be non-biased and non-product led. In order to create a fair playing field for all, these three nail brands made it clear that competitors could use any system or brand and would be categorised by relevant divisions pertaining to their skill and expertise. These divisions were to be kept anonymous during each competition and judging, so that each competitor, regardless of skill level, was judged exactly the same. Only after judging, were the competitors then grouped and ranked in their own and correct division. This original ethos remains the same.

Nailympia’s reputation is based on it being run by organisations and individuals that are non-product biased. Alex Fox, organiser since its inauguration into London in 2005, is the editor-in-chief of Scratch magazine. The Australian competition is hosted and run by Reed Exhibitions in Sydney and the USA competition in Texas is hosted by Athena Elliott at The Best Lil’ Nail Show.

Its growth and popularity across the world is a direct result of its mission to bring in key industry figures and experts to judge. The judging panel is an international mix of industry experts who have amassed experience, knowledge and a reputation in their respective countries. Each judging panel has its regular judges for stability and flow, while also bringing in new and fresh experts each year to make sure it remains unbiased while evolving.

This annual competition has become a Mecca for those seeking international recognition and industry accolades. The competition began with 6 categories. It has now moved up to 14 in London. Over the years some categories have been eliminated and new ones have taken their place. These have been dictated by industry and consumer emerging nail trends.

Each Nailympia across the world offers the categories most relevant to its industry.

"This competition is all about skill and creativity. All skill levels are catered for"

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The Judges

The judges are all business people in their own right and give up their time to be there, working and travelling for free. Their respect and affection for this event knows no bounds, such is the reputation that has been built up over the years.

Nailympia judges 2017

Nailympia London Judges 2018

  • Nailympia Lond 2018 Social Gemma
  • Nailympia Lond 2018 Social Jai
  • Nailympia Lond 2018 Social Gabriella
  • Nailympia Lond 2018 Social Aliz
  • Nailympia Lond 2018 Social Morgan
  • Nailympia Lond 2018 Social Jeanette
  • Nailympia Lond 2018 Social Najet
  • Nailympia Lond 2018 Social Gergana
  • Nailympia Lond 2018 Social Fiona
  • Nailympia Lond 2018 Social Liesbeth
  • Nailympia Lond 2018 Social Kristina
  • Nailympia Lond 2018 Social Kelly
  • Nailympia Lond 2018 Social Viktoria
  • Nailympia Lond 2018 Social Georgie
  • Nailympia Lond 2018 Social Hazel
  • Nailympia Lond 2018 Social Anneke
  • Nailympia Lond 2018 Social Dannii
  • Nailympia Lond 2018 Social Reni
  • Nailympia Lond 2018 Social Marian
  • Nailympia Global 2018 Social Jurate
  • Nailympia Lond 2018 Social Taylor
  • Nailympia Lond 2018 Social Kirsten
  • Nailympia Lond 2018 Social Jacqueline
  • Nailympia Lond 2018 Social Antony
  • Nailympia Lond 2018 Social Alisha
  • Nailympia Lond 2018 Social Elaine
  • Nailympia Lond 2018 Social Rebecca

Nailympia USA Judges 2018

  • Nailympia USA 2018 Social Shelena 300
  • Nailympia USA 2018 Social Ami
  • Nailympia USA 2018 Social Alisha
  • Nailympia USA 2018 Social Tan
  • Nailympia USA 2018 Social Tracey Lee
  • Nailympia USA 2018 Social Lisa
  • Nailympia USA 2018 Social Athena
  • Nailympia USA 2018 Social Morgan
  • Nailympia USA 2018 Social Tony
  • Nailympia USA 2018 Social Anna
  • Nailympia USA 2018 Social Samantha
  • Nailympia USA 2018 Social Tracylee
  • Nailympia USA 2018 Social Frederic
  • Nailympia USA 2018 Social Vitaly
  • Nailympia USA 2018 Social Traci
  • Nailympia USA 2018 Social Taylor
  • Nailympia USA 2018 Social Lorena
  • Nailympia USA 2018 Social Gina

Nailympia Australasia Judges 2018

  • Nailympia Aus 2018 Social Debra
  • Nailympia Aus 2018 Social Jai
  • Nailympia Aus 2018 Social Sarah
  • Nailympia Aus 2018 Social Marian
  • Nailympia Aus 2018 Social Dannii
  • Nailympia Aus 2018 Social Rachel
  • Nailympia Aus 2018 Social Rebecca
  • Nailympia Aus 2018 Social Cherie
  • Nailympia Aus 2018 Social Mirka
  • Nailympia Aus 2018 Social Patricia
  • Nailympia Aus 2018 Social Caroline
  • Nailympia Aus 2018 Social Elaine
  • Nailympia Aus 2018 Social Samantha
  • Nailympia Aus 2018 Social Mindy

Nailympia Estonia Judges 2018

  • Nailympia Estonia 2018 Social Taylor
  • Nailympia Estonia 2018 Social Inna
  • Nailympia Estonia 2018 Social Karin
  • Nailympia Estonia 2018 Social Olga
  • Nailympia Estonia 2018 Social Elaine
  • Nailympia Estonia 2018 Social Elena
  • Nailympia Estonia 2018 Social Morgan
  • Nailympia Estonia 2018 Social Iryna
  • Nailympia Estonia 2018 Social Marian
  • Nailympia Estonia 2018 Social Viktoria

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