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How to get to Nailympia

Address for Sat Nav:
Olympia Grand
Olympia London 
Hammersmith Rd 
W14 8UX

Olympia: For all halls at Olympia London, travel to Kensington Olympia on the District line from Earls Court station. For the latest tube travel information go to:

National Rail:
Silverlink and Southern trains run direct services to Kensington Olympia. Direct services run from Clapham Junction, Gatwick Airport, East Croydon, Watford Junction, Willesden Junction and Stratford. For National Rail enquiries please visit or call 08457 484 950. 
You can also purchase rail tickets online at 
Olympia – Kensington (Olympia) station. Turn left out of the exit of the station onto Olympia Way and follow signs for Olympia Grand, Olympia National Hall, Olympia Two and Olympia Conference Centre.

Travel to Earls Court on Eurostar. For the quickest route from St. Pancras International Station to the venues, take the Piccadilly line from Kings Cross St. Pancras to Earls Court and change to Kensington Olympia on the District line from Earls Court station. For information about Eurostar visit

By Bus:
Olympia is served by the following bus routes: 
- Hammersmith Road 9, 10, 27, 28 
- Holland Road 49 
- North End Road 391 
London Transport information line: 0207 222 1234

By Road:
- From M1/A1/M11/A10 take the A406 westbound to A4. Continue on A4 over Hammersmith Flyover, turn left onto the B317 (North End Road) and follow signs. 
- From M4/A4 follow directions as above. 
- From A3/M3 follow signs for central London, take Wandsworth or Putney Bridges. From Wandsworth Bridge, turn left onto New Kings Road, turn right onto Fulham High Street, which becomes Fulham Palace Road. At Hammersmith roundabout turn right onto Hammersmith Road and follow signs.From Putney Bridge, turn left onto Fulham Palace Road and follow 
directions as above. 
- From M2/M20/A2 follow signs to central London, take Blackfriars, London, Waterloo, Vauxhall, Southwark, Chelsea or Battersea Bridges, turn left along Embankment and follow signs. 
- From A12/A13 follow signs for central London towards Tower or London Bridge. Do not cross bridge, instead continue along Embankment and follow signs. 
To plan your visit, go to or

By Air:
Getting here from London airports. Olympia is easily accessible from London’s four airports – Heathrow, Gatwick, Stansted and City Airport – via underground and mainline rail services. 

Please note: Olympia Exhibition centre does not fall within the new London congestion zone. However, please be aware that surrounding areas are within the new zone. (This applies to Monday only) If you are intending on staying the whole day then you may wish to book directly with Olympia Exhibition Centre. 

For more information on parking please click here.


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